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Unimax Introduces LineOne – An Employee Self Service Portal for Phone and Voicemail Settings

LineOne enables employees to change their own phone and voicemail settings resulting in up to a 40% reduction of telecom work tickets.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 2, 2012 – Unimax Systems Corporation®, a leading provider of Automated Telecom Management, Telecom Reporting, and MAC Administration software, today unveiled a new Unified Voice Administration tool called LineOne.

LineOne is a web-based, self service portal designed for employees to change their own voicemail passwords, phone PINs, speed dials, zero out extensions, call forwarding numbers, simultaneous ring settings, phone labels, voicemail notification preferences (i.e. via phone, email, text, etc.), find me settings, and more. Plus, it’s configurable. The telecom and IT departments decide what an employee is able to view and change.

Changes are immediate. No waiting. No support calls. No work tickets. No expense. LineOne handles changes for phone AND voicemail systems in single AND multi-vendor environments all on ONE screen. Changes are sent directly to the phone and voicemail systems eliminating the time and expense of human intervention and work ticket processing. LineOne is compatible with systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, Cisco®, AVST®, and Microsoft®.

LineOne is a platform independent, web-based solution that is compatible with today’s most popular browsers including Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Firefox®, and others. Because of this, employees can make changes to their phone and voicemail settings from their office, home, or anywhere on the globe with internet access. LineOne is also mobile and works with tablet devices.

The benefits of using LineOne are immediate and measurable. They include reduced operational expense, stronger security, and improved internal customer service levels.

“Telecom and IT departments have waited a long time for a solution like LineOne.” said Phil Moen, Unimax President and CEO. “There is no other product on the market that enables employees to make immediate changes to so many phone and voicemail settings across so many vendor systems all on a single screen from anywhere with internet access. The big winners here are telecom and IT managers who are responsible for budgeting and cost reduction. Because changes made in LineOne are sent directly to the voice system, it eliminates all overhead. Additionally, LineOne reduces telecom support calls and their related work tickets by up to 40%. The result is a significant amount of savings that can be applied to other initiatives such as unified communications, bring your own device (BYOD), and other projects. In some cases, the return on investment payback period will be measured in weeks instead of months or even years. This product should, and will, be in every company’s stable of network and voice administration tools.”

“A key requirement of LineOne was to give telecom and IT departments control over what can be updated by an employee.” said Teresa Dixon, Unimax Director of Product Management. “Different companies want to offer different self service options to their employees.  LineOne gives a telecom or IT administrator the ability to configure the settings that can be viewed and changed by an employee together with the option of defining the help content and the field labels.  Additionally, LineOne can be configured to match a company’s intranet or corporate style guide.  The product is extremely versatile.” said Dixon “Also, because LineOne is designed to eliminate telecom work tickets, it needed to be easy for an employee to understand and use. Our development teams worked hard at this, and the result is a very intuitive tool that requires no training or knowledge of telecom technology or terminology. Within seconds after logging in, an employee can find the setting they need to change, make the change, receive email confirmation that the change was made, and move on with their day. There is no waiting or need to call a Telecom Administrator or the Help Desk for assistance.”

Unimax will host a webinar to introduce and demonstrate LineOne on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm (Central). To register, visit the official LineOne webinar registration site. For additional information, please visit the LineOne website at The website contains detailed product information, self service examples, a LineOne white paper, and much more.

About Unimax

Unimax believes that administering PBX and voice messaging systems can be far less complex and costly, while delivering much better service levels.

Unimax provides a self service telecom management portal called LineOne, automated telecom management tools, an advanced telecom reporting dashboard called Spotlight as well as unified MAC administration software to replace the use of vendor provided administration interfaces for single and multi-vendor PBX and voicemail systems. Our Unified Voice Administration product called 2nd Nature unifies the management of important telecom administrative functions such as moves, adds, and changes (MACs), transaction auditing, reporting, and much more.

Our solutions reduce operational costs, strengthen security, Increase visibility and control, and improve internal customer service. Unimax’s technology is compatible with PBX and voicemail systems from Avaya®/Nortel®, Cisco®, AVST®, and others. Our solutions also integrate voice systems with critical business software such as Microsoft’s Active Directory®, human resource applications, call accounting, E-911, and others.

Unimax Systems Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, please call (800) 886-0390 or visit

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