HelpOne is a configurable, web-based application which enables tier one help desk agents to immediately change an employee’s voicemail password, phone PIN, speed dials, zero out extensions, call forwarding numbers, simultaneous ring settings, phone labels, voicemail notification preferences (e.g. via phone, email, text, etc.), find me settings, and many others without the assistance of overburdened voice engineers. Changes are immediate. No waiting. No work tickets. No hassle.
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HelpOne was built to help you meet important management objectives by off-loading redundant MACDs to the Help Desk.

If you and your team are responsible for budgeting and managing UC, telecom and voicemail system expenses, driving efficiency, improving internal customer service, and strengthening security your strategy should include offloading costly, redundant MACDs to your Help Desk agents.

Real, immediate and measurable benefits.

Off-loading saves significant time and expense, while boosting service levels.

Off-loading repetitive UC and voice system MACDs to Help Desk agents using HelpOne (or to self service employees using Unimax’s LineOne product) is a highly effective strategy to ensure a number of important benefits.

  • Reduce Operational Expense – Offloading MACDs to other, less expensive areas of the organization will significantly reduce operational expense.
  • Get Time Back for Busy, High-Value Engineers – Off-loading will give your engineers and administrators more time for other work and initiatives.
  • Significantly reduce work ticket volume – Depending on how many MACDs you choose to off-load, your work ticket volume could be reduced by up to 80%. Imagine what you could do with the extra time!
  • Improve Internal Customer Service – With off-loading, internal resolution times shrink from hours or days to just minutes or seconds. Unimax’s off-loading products enable MACDs to be processed immediately. No waiting. No work tickets.
  • Strengthen Security – Unimax’s off-loading technology is secure in its own right, but it also includes many features to improve security throughout your communications environment.

Configure HelpOne to meet your off-loading goals.

HelpOne can be configured to meet your specific off-loading goals and objectives. For example, HelpOne will enable UC, Telecom or IT teams to configure which MACDs (e.g. voicemail password reset) can be viewed and changed by a help desk agent and which ones can’t. You can also determine and configure the help content and field labels that appear in the application.

The flexibility offered by HelpOne’s configuration capabilities will enable you to progressively roll out responsibilities to help desk agents. For example, you could launch the initiative with a limited number of MACDs. Start with one or two, and then increase those over time. Initial MACDs could include the most frequent changes and those that currently generate the most work tickets (e.g. voicemail password reset). Whatever direction you take, HelpOne will make it work.

Features galore.

HelpOne was designed from the ground up to do a lot of heavy lifting. To make it all possible, we have built in dozens of powerful features.



You can easily configure HelpOne to determine what a Help Desk agent is able to see and change. You can also configure HelpOne’s help content and field labels.

Easy to use

HelpOne makes it easy for Help Desk agents to make changes and manage the telecom MACD environment. In fact, it is so well designed and intuitive, that only limited training is needed.

Optional single sign-on

Once logged in, you can allow Help Desk agents access to HelpOne using Windows® single sign-on or with the same network credentials they use to login to the network.

Immediate changes

With HelpOne, employee changes take effect immediately. Plus, HelpOne sends an email confirmation of the change to the employee within seconds.

Multi-vendor, multi-system

Like all Unimax products, HelpOne works great in single-vendor and single system environments, but is also compatible with multi-vendor and multi-system environments.

Multi-tenant compatible

No matter what systems or platforms your company uses, rest assured you can leverage all of HelpOne’s features and benefits even in complex, multi-tenant environments.

Consistent interface

HelpOne uses a single, consistent interface regardless of system type. It’s just as easy for Help Desk agents to make changes to their phone as it is to change voicemail settings.

Optional agent activity reports

For added documentation, HelpOne creates an optional report that details all the changes made, indicates who made the changes, and shows the date and time of the changes.

Global search

HelpOne’s global search capability enables Help Desk agents to instantly locate an employee’s telecom assets regardless of location, system type, or vendor platform.

Get the help you need by using the help you already have.

Everyday, your tier 1 Help Desk agents get the organization’s employees the help they need. They understand the process and have everything in place to make it happen. Leveraging this infrastructure for redundant UC, telecom and voice messaging MACDs makes perfect sense, and HelpOne makes it possible.

Because UC, telecom and voicemail systems are complicated, MACDs for these systems have traditionally been off limits to Help Desk agents. HelpOne, however, makes the complex simple and safe.

In fact, HelpOne simplifies the MACD process to just a few mouse clicks and can be completed immediately while the employee is still on the phone. The interface was written specifically for help desk agents who have no knowledge of telecom technology or terminology.

With HelpOne, you can feel safe and confident that any Help Desk agent will be able to fully process all of your redundant voice system MACDs while you realize the benefits.

Successfully deploy HelpOne with limited training.

HelpOne was designed to be deployed and used with limited help desk agent training. It is easy to understand and use even for agents that have no telecom training or experience. The application leaves complicated telecom terminology and concepts to the telecom experts. Its interface was designed specifically for help desk agents and is extremely intuitive. For example, there is no need for a help desk agent to know which system an employee’s phone or voice mailbox resides on. HelpOne will find it for them within seconds. Changes are immediate and can be made while the help desk agent is talking to the employee.
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Off-Loading is more than software, it’s a strategy.

UC, Telecom and IT departments are busier than ever. To make things worse, there is typically a growing backlog of work tickets for simple MACDs. To help ease the pain, many UC, Telecom and IT departments have determined that developing a strategy to off-load MACDs to the Help Desk or to self service employees could offer significant benefit.

Unimax’s HelpOne and LineOne products are the answer. They off-load a high percentage of everyday MACDs. This enables high value administrators and engineers to focus their time on more complex work tickets and important strategic initiatives. There are no other products in the industry that enable immediate changes to so many UC, phone and voicemail settings across so many vendor systems all on a single screen. The big winners here are UC, telecom and IT managers who are responsible for budgeting, cost reduction and finding the time to get everything done. Employees win big too. They are able to benefit from significantly improved response times.

Are we compatible?

Unimax’s software is compatible with leading telecom and UC systems from Cisco®, Avaya®, Microsoft® (Teams®/Skype for Business®, Active Directory®), OpenText (formerly AVST® and XMedius®), ServiceNow (and other ITSM platforms), Genessys, Zoom, and others.

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