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2nd Nature® Adds Features for Telecom Cost Reduction While Expanding Its List of Compatible Systems.

New version of telecom administration software includes over 50 new features, expanded Avaya® and Cisco® compatibility, and stronger self service capabilities.

MINNEAPOLIS, July 31, 2012  – Unimax Systems Corporation®, a leading provider of Self Service Telecom Management tools, Automated Telecom Management, and MAC Administration software, today unveiled 2nd Nature® 7.4, a new version of its unified voice administration product.

2nd Nature® enables large organizations and managed service providers to unify the management of their voice systems by providing a single, centralized administration interface for single and multi-vendor PBX and voicemail systems. The new features and enhancements in 2nd Nature 7.4 make it the most sophisticated tool available today for administering enterprise telecom environments. The new version enables administrators to gain better visibility and control of their voice systems by adding the ability to easily report available and used license counts for Avaya Communication Manager®, Cisco Unified Communication Manager®, and Cisco Unity Connection® and additional status information for Communication Server 1000® phones and Unity®/Unity Connection® subscribers/users. The new version also provides create, modify, and delete support for Avaya Communication Manager® Off-PBX phones and vector routing tables as well as Cisco Unified Communication Manager® CTI route points, phone button templates, orphaned DN management, geolocation, client matter codes, and more. In total, there are over 50 new features and enhancements in 2nd Nature 7.4.

Support for Avaya Aura Messaging® 6.1 and Avaya Communication Manager® 6.2 are also being added further expanding 2nd Nature’s already long list of compatible systems. The number of Avaya®, Cisco®, Nortel®, and AVST® systems supported by Unimax continues to grow making 2nd Nature the leader in true multi-vendor telecom administration.

“The features and enhancements we added to 2nd Nature in this release are designed to strengthen the product’s core functionality while expanding the number of systems it supports,” said Teresa Dixon, Unimax Director of Product Management. “For example, the new version strengthens 2nd Nature’s already powerful core reporting capabilities by enabling IT and telecom departments to instantly view orphaned directory numbers and system license information so that they can summarize how licenses are used even in complex, multi-vendor environments. Making this kind of information easier to access can save a company significant expense as they try to determine if they should purchase additional licenses.”

The technological advances used to enhance 2nd Nature are also being leveraged to strengthen LineOne – Unimax’s configurable, web-based self service telecom portal. LineOne provides corporate employees the ability to easily manage their own phone and voicemail settings anytime using a web browser. For example, organizations can use LineOne to off-load simple and mundane tasks such as voicemail password resets, speed dial changes, notification preferences, zero out settings, and more to employees. The benefit is a significant reduction in work tickets and their related cost. Unimax has created a three minute video that demonstrates LineOne. It can be viewed at

“LineOne users will be able to manage their own settings on Avaya Aura Messaging® 6.1 and Avaya Communications Manager® 6.2,” said Phil Moen, Unimax President and CEO. “In addition to this expanded compatibility, LineOne will also offer self service functionality to single user employees who are assigned multiple phone and voice mailboxes. LineOne will support the proxy ownership of phones and voice mailboxes so that, if needed, a manager or telecom administrator can quickly make changes to other phones and voice mailboxes using LineOne. Additionally, it is now possible to authenticate users with a variety of directory services other than Active Directory. All of these advances provide our customers with additional ways to significantly lower telecom expense.”

About Unimax

Unimax believes that administering PBX and voice messaging systems can be far less complex and costly, while delivering much better service levels. We develop Self-Service Telecom Management and Automated Telecom Management solutions. Examples include Self-Service Voicemail Password Reset, Automated On and Off-Boarding, and many others.

Unimax also provides unified MAC administration software to replace the use of native administration interfaces for single and multi-vendor PBX and voicemail systems. Our Unified Voice Administration product called 2nd Nature unifies the management of important telecom administrative functions such as moves, adds, and changes (MACs), transaction auditing, reporting, and much more.

Our solutions reduce operational costs, strengthen security, increase visibility and control, and improve internal customer service. Unimax’s technology is compatible with PBX and voicemail systems from Avaya®, AVST®, Cisco®, Nortel®, and others. Our solutions also integrate voice systems with critical business software such as Microsoft’s Active Directory®, human resource applications, call accounting, E-911, and others.

Unimax Systems Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, please call (800) 886-0390 or visit

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